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Aluminum Side and Top Panniers

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 Aluminium Side and Topbox Panniers


  Motorcycle Panniers Australia (Panniers Oz)

motorcycle panniers australia productsThe crew here at Panniers Oz (Motorcycle Panniers Australia) in Queensland love getting off the beaten track, and to do this we only want the best gear on our bikes, that’s why  we sell high quality Aluminium Side and Topbox Panniers, Engine Protection Crash-Bars, Pannier Luggage Racks, a Pannier Backrest Cushion for the top pannier and Soft Luggage Bags. The soft luggage bags can be secured to the panniers with our luggage straps. We also stock top quality  Inner bags for the panniers.

All our Panniers and soft bags are waterproof to protect their contents.

These panniers are machine welded high quality aluminium and are 3mm thick top and bottom with a 2mm sidewall giving you high strength and long durability. The curved exterior designed appearance also boosts the strength by 30%. 

 They have a quick release mounting system and are a 'mono-key' design with 3 spare keys. They are robust but have replaceable corners for those inevitable mishaps. They are dustproof and totally waterproof having a silicone sealing.


  •  We can supply panniers and racks for the following bikes
  • BMW R1150 GS                                                                                                                                       
  • BMW R1200 GS 2006-2012                                                                                            
  • BMW F800   GS                                                                                               
  • BMW R1200 GS 2013+                                                                                      
  • BMW R1250 GS                                                                                   
  • KTM 690 
  • KTM 990 
  • KTM 1190/1290     
  • HONDA CRF 1000
  • HONDA CFR 1000  2019+ 
  • YAMAHA XT660
  • YAMAHA XT1200




  • Pannier Cases
  • Pannier Racks
  • Soft Luggage Bags
  • Accessories

Pannier Cases

Motorcycle Panniers

 All our Pannier cases are made of high quality 2mm aluminium sides with a 3mm aluminium plate lid.  We sell them in a pair and you can purchase the pannier racks to attach them to your motorbike.

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Pannier Racks

Motorcycle Pannier Rack

All Tourfella / Tripfella side pannier racks are made from 18/25mm 2mm thick stainless steel tubing and the top pannier racks are made from 2.7mm Stainless steel. 

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Soft Luggage Bags

Motorcycle Luggage Soft Bags

Our range of soft luggage bags are all made of high quality PVC material, making them very durable and long lasting. They are light weight and waterproof to protect your belongings. The inner bags fit perfectly into the right size pannier cases, which allows for easy removal at the end of a long day on the road.

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Motorcycle Accessories

Our motorbike accessories are the Pannier Straps - Tie down straps for extra luggage, securing your soft bags. Top and Bottom Crash Bars  to protects the engine in the event of a collision  for both bike and rider, and the Pannier Backrest Cushion which provides great comfort for the passenger while on those long rides.

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cosmo 90 featureCosmo Tripfella Pannier Case 90 degree Remus Exhaust - This pannier set has one standard pannier and a 90 degree pannier. It's suitable for the BMW R1200GS Bikes.      (Click here to see this product)

Top and Side Racks Top and Side Pannier racks for BMW R1200GS 2006-2012  - The case racks are used to support and attach the aluminum side and top cases, ensuring their stability and safety.  (Click here to see these products - Top Rack - Side Rack)

20LDry Bag feature20L Motorcycle Waterproof Luggage Bag  -    This bag is waterproof and can be strapped to our top or side panniers using the straps that you can also purchase for us.   (Click here to see this product)

Backrest Cushion for top pannier case Backrest Cushion for Top Pannier Case  Provides great comfort for the passenger while on those long rides. They attach to the topbox pannier enabling the passenger to lean back onto it.    (Click here to see this product)

Secure your luggage with our Straps

Want to keep your gear securely strapped down? 

  Make sure you check out our top straps. They're compatible with our panniers.

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Dropping your bike isn't good for it, but with our Crash Bars it will be better protected.

We all drop our bikes at some point!

     Check out our Crash bars !     

Buy as a set with both top and engine bars and save some dollars!

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Ride in comfort with our Backrest Cushion for those long rides.

Doing a lap around Oz?  

Take your partner in comfort with one of our Topbox Back Rest Cushions.

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Our Panniers and Soft Luggage Bags will keep all your belongings dry, on those rainy days.

You can always count on the rain!

When your out riding. Our panniers and Soft Bags are waterproof so you can be rest assured your luggage will stay dry.

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